Darla Magee-Price spent many, many years in a hot yoga room helping people change their lives. Determined to be the best, “Sweaty Darla” sought out and was certified by the world’s finest and most challenging training programs for teaching yoga “in the heat”. After a few too many shoulder injuries and the great good fortune of receiving a full set of All Clad cookware for Christmas in 2010, she realized it was time to get out of the heat -and into the kitchen. Now, motivated by biscuits and instant gratification Darla Cooks! You can email me


Good news, dudes. We were cleaning out the house today and found a handful of copies of the books I forgot to give away. Want one? Just reblog this post. We’ll select three winners and then mail you a copy. Thanks. You’re awesome and perfect. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Of course if you want to just go ahead and buy one then that’s fine too. Thanks. 

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Learning how to use a knife properly is one of the most, if not THE most, important skill you can gain about cooking. There are tons of knife guides online, but this is our version, where we go through only what we use on a regular basis. It’s a condensed, easy-to-learn version that’ll hopefully make your everyday cooking a little better.

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lemon scone and strawberries with black/blue and raspberry warm compote topped with lemon whipped cream